The island

Santorini has been called the supermodel of the Greek islands and one of the places you really need to see in your lifetime, so by coming here, you can cross that off your bucket list! What you see in the postcards (well in your Google search) is true: the picturesque villages perched on the cliffs, the dazzling panoramas, the whitewashed, blue-domed churches, the breath-taking Caldera and the ultra-romantic, magenta sunsets.

There’s something for everyone in Santorini

Antiquities and invaluable museum findings, including a prehistoric village you can actually visit; local gastronomy worthy of Michelin stars; Volcanic beaches of exceptional beauty with pristine, crystal-clear waters; beautiful hikes; and of course, wineries where you can try the amazing local wine. Not to mention the night life that can keep you up till breakfast time! Whatever you choose to do, we will be happy to give you ideas and help you in any way.